The Fox River Natural Resource Trustee Council

The Fox River Natural Resource Trustee Council supports the long-term recovery, protection, and enhancement of the unique natural resources of the Lower Fox River and Green Bay ecosystem.  The council has provided settlement funding for over 100 restoration projects over the last decade that  restore, replace, or acquire the equivalent of natural resources that have been injured by PCB releases.
Schmidt wetland restoration Common tern chicks Preservation of Herb Behnke Wolf River Bottoms Pike
Wetland restoration on the Oneida Reservation (photo by the Oneida EH&SD)
Common tern chicks on Lake Butte des Morts (photo by Colette Charbonneau, FWS)
Herb Behnke Unit, Wolf River Bottoms Natural Resource Area (Photo by Wisconsin DNR)
Young of the year pike photographed during spring monitoring on the west shore of Green Bay (photo by Brown County LCD)